Appealing a Decision

When you disagree with a decision 

If you disagree with decisions made on your application for public housing, a request to transfer to another public housing unit, rent calculations, unit calculations or tenant charges, then you can request to appeal that decision. An appeal is a request by an applicant or tenant to have a decision made by the Nova Scotia Provincial Housing Agency reviewed. 

Decisions that can be appealed 
  • Application approval decisions, including decisions related to Priority Access
  • The size of a public housing unit allocated to applicants and tenants
  • The calculation of rent payments for public housing tenants
  • Declined requests to transfer to another public housing unit, or transfer decisions made by the Nova Scotia Provincial Housing Agency
  • Decisions made related to tenant charges 
Decisions that cannot be appealed 
  • Changes to policy 
  • Decisions that do not relate directly to you or your household 
  • Complaints about staff members 
  • Building and property maintenance 
  • Matters that fall under the applicable Act 
  • Matters involving criminal activity 
  • Situations where a higher court is involved 
  • Initiation of a lease termination process* 

Cancelled applications due to: 

  • Incomplete information at time of application or annual eligibility check 
  • No response 
  • Requests from applicant 

*Appeals related to lease termination can be brought forward by tenants to the Residential Tenancies Board. 

The appeal process 

There are two steps in the appeal process. The first is a Decision Review made by a District Director who was not involved in making the initial decision. The second is an Appeal Hearing before an Appeals Committee. Step 1 - Decision Review - must occur before you can proceed to Step 2 - Appeal Hearing. If your issue gets resolved at any point, you can stop the process. 

How to submit an appeal 

Download a brochure with more information about the Decision Review and Appeal process, or pick up a copy from a District Office: 

To start an appeal, submit a Decision Review Request Form to your District Office. You have 10 business days after receiving a decision to submit this form. 

If you have questions about making an appeal, please contact your District Office.