Vendor Information

Vendor Information

As of 1 December 2022, the 5 Housing Authorities combined to become the Nova Scotia Housing Agency (NSPHA).

Current Vendors

What this change means for vendors is that they will see the new Crown Corporation’s name, “Nova Scotia Provincial Housing Agency”, on their purchase orders and/or cheques go-forward. They will also need to update their billing information with the new Crown Corporation name (Nova Scotia Provincial Housing Agency). There will be no change to current contracts with any Housing Authority (these contracts to provide a service have carried over to the new Crown Corporation).

Setting up Direct Deposit for Faster Payments

If you are a vendor and are still receiving payment by cheque, please consider setting up direct deposit for faster payments. To do this, complete the Direct Deposit Authorization For Electronic Funds Transfer Form and return via mail, fax or email.

Standard Services Agreement

NSPHA Standard Services Agreement (PDF)